Thanks to flexible assembly lines, we are able to produce small, medium-sized and large batches. Cost effectiveness is the decisive factor that determines the degree of automation of our facilities.

Stamping and forming technology

Technologically advanced

We process over 8,000 tonnes of steel and non-ferrous metal to produce technologically advanced formed metal parts. Modern eccentric, hydraulic and servo-hydraulic presses with pressure capacities ranging between 600 kN and 8,000 kN are used in these processes. In addition, we are also a competent partner in the field of transfer tools and related mechanisation equipment, such as transfer rails and grippers.

Assembly production

Complex & sophisticated

In the area of plastic production, we use 25 injection moulding machines with locking forces ranging between 250 kN and 6,500 kN to produce top quality thermoplastic and multi-component injection-moulded parts.

Metal-plastic composite production

Experts committed to innovation

At RIEGER we specialise in producing metal-plastic composite parts that are also known as insert/outsert parts. These enable us to combine the advantages of stamped parts – that are produced in our metal processing department and then processed further in our plastic production department – with the benefits of plastic parts. Our distinguishing feature is a tooling technology that uses special sealing rims to minimise over-injection on the metal part.

Assembly production

Process and product safety

Our service spectrum ranges from purely manual assembly through to fully automated joining processes. Sensory error monitoring is used to ensure process safety across all assembly processes. Further quality assurance measures, such as a camera-based final inspection or automated functional and practical tests, can be integrated into the production process if needed. The respective requirements are coordinated with our customers in the projecting phase.

Tool making

In-house production

In our tool and mould making department, we produce our manufacturing tools that are made in-house using state-of-the-art technology.