product range

Stamped and formed parts

Outstanding production technology

Our areas of particular expertise in the stamping and forming technology field include complex finished stamped and formed parts with threaded holes, as well as feeding parts such as nuts and bolts. In addition, we are also a competent transfer technology partner.

Plastic parts

Essential to comfort

We produce injection-moulded plastic parts for interiors, as well as complex technical parts for seat adjustment, window lifting mechanisms and the engine compartment. These are part of standard configurations in the automotive industry. Furthermore, our functional components are also used in other industrial sectors.

Metal-plastic composite parts

Our speciality

This sub-spectrum includes outsert parts used for mounting assemblies or as functional or system elements in their own right, as well as insert parts for electric conductors and contact elements.


Fully automated production

We offer innovative assembly production in small, medium-sized and large batches. A wide range of joining methods is used for this purpose.